[rescue] U1 or U2

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Thu Mar 25 10:45:58 CST 2004

>>>Are there 24bit graphics options for the U2, and they are just
>>>expensive/hard to get or are there actually none at all?
>>Not at all, I have a pile of Creator 2Ds and 3Ds for a U2 here.
>>They're very very cheap and readily available.
> I thought that the 2D/3D creators could only be used on U1E systems?

I believe I put a Creator card in my U2. Here's the output of prtdiag; 
looks like a 3D card, but I don't really know what that is, so...

# prtdiag -v | less
System Configuration:  Sun Microsystems  sun4u Sun Ultra 2 UPA/SBus (2 X 
UltraSPARC 200MHz)
System clock frequency: 100 MHz
Memory size: 512 Megabytes


FFB Hardware Configuration:
         Board rev: 1
         FBC version: 0x1
         DAC: Brooktree 9068, version 4
         3DRAM: Mitsubishi 1308, version 5


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