[rescue] power mac rescue

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Mon Mar 22 16:46:19 CST 2004

>    Actually, it probably means that someon used the install disk from
> their G3, since this thing shipped with System 7.5.something. :7) OK,

I think this is the case.

>>Anyone know how to view the CPU specs?
>    What's it running? Can you find the Apple System Profiler in the
> Utilities folder?

You & Kurt are right, no G3. Profiler confirms that it's a PPC 604e or 
something at 180MHz. In any case, it beats the snot out of any other PPC 
I have...

>    I have some Mac Zips. Hey, what're you going to do with it? I have an
> external SCSI Jaz drive (and 5 or 6 2 GB carts) I've been looking to
> trade....

I don't think I have any use for the Zip. Trading something would be OK. 
I have a couple of bucks to ship stuff, but that's about it these days.


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