[rescue] power mac rescue

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Mon Mar 22 14:41:43 CST 2004

>>>I'm wondering what suggestions there are for free OSes, considering
>>>that I think I'd like to try some simple video capturing with it. I've
>>>been waiting for something that'll digitize video to drop into my lap,
>>>adn this looks like it'll do that. There's video & audio in & out
>>I hear that Yellowdog Linux runs rather well on 8500s, however, I have
>>no idea if the A/V option will function at all.
> "A driver for the PlanB video input of the PowerMac 7x00/8x00 series"
> http://www.cpu.lu/~mlan/planb.html

Well, that sounds pretty cool. I may try that. I also discovered the 
MacOS 8.6 disk in the bags o' stuff with this machine.

One other neat discovery... In the 'root' of the hard drive is a file 
entitled "About Your Power Macintosh G3." Does that mean this'll run 
OSX? (Or maybe OpenDarwin?) Comments? Anyone know how to view the CPU specs?

Also 160M of RAM, 2G internal drive (which seems to work now) and a 9G 
external disk, too. Also 100M Zip drive (no carts, tho).


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