[rescue] Typing in programs from magazines

Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Mon Mar 22 11:46:36 CST 2004

James wrote:

>>I don't remember a magazine that came with a record. I do remember a
>>magazine that had all the programs as barcodes in the back of the
>>magazine. I guess you could just take the barcode reader and enter in the
>>program. Nobody I knew owned a barcode reader. Very few people I know own
>>them decades later. Does anybody know what magazine had the barcodes?
>Some of the early apple enthusiast mags had barcodes and if you found an
>early edition you could find the project details to build the reader.

There was an magazine that I subscribed too and it had the code in a 
format, that you could scan it
with a handheld scanner (the oldschool ones that you had to pull over 
the pictures) and then run a
small app that would convert the scanned image to a programm.

Did not work that well so they stopped doing that after a while ;-).

-- Thomas

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