[rescue] HP 7xx gear

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Mon Mar 22 10:18:47 CST 2004

>> Was there someone recently who had a question about a 715 that I might 
>> answer by having this running?
> Actually, yes :)
> I'm still trying to figure out why I keep getting a scsi request timeout 
> from the cdrom drive. Do the drives in your system have the termination 
> power jumper on or off? Do you need an external terminator? Any other 
> tidbits as my dead chicken doesn't seem to be working...
Well, lessee. I have a 712 beast that has no external drives, but an 
internal CD and SCSI hard drive. I seem to recall that the cable had a 
terminator on the end, so any jumpers relating to termination would be 
set "off." I don't look inside this box much since the monitor on top of 
it weighs 80+ pounds, but I'll try to remember to peek inside it tonight.

I also have a 715 with an internal HDD. I'l have to look and see what 
the jumpers are set at. This also has no external drives, since the 
external SCSI connector was surgically removed from the motherboard! (I 
know this sounds familiar to *someone* out there, because that was given 
to me by a fellow lister.)

In short, I'm pretty much clueless until I get home...


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