[rescue] oops, deleted the posting, HP X terminal

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Sun Mar 21 18:54:37 CST 2004

Steve Sandau writes ...

> If you really do want to make it go, I can send you the
> tcpdump record of the boot process and/or a tcpdump record
> of the boot process when there are two hosts involved: one
> for the kernel download and second one for the X session.

I got it working, see below.

... and Geoffrey S. Mendelson writes ...

> After it boots, it will look for two things:
> 1. An IP address. You need to have a bootp or for later units a DHCP
>    server to assign the IP address. Very old sun machines needed an
>    rarp (reverse ARP) server too.

On the 700/rx, you can set a static IP address, and I've done that.  The
700/rx finds and loads all its files from my Sun LX.

> 1a. Some X terminals download their operating system from a tftp server.

Yep, it does that.

> 2. A system willing to manage the X windows on the display. This can be
>    hard coded in the bootp/dhcp parameters, or broadcast (look at
>    xdm-config)

This was the problem.  dtlogin wasn't running on the LX.  Now it is.  The LX
is headless, so I expect I'd turned dtlogin off at some point.  My problem
is (a) not remembering that, (b) not remembering the name of the "thing"
required on the Sun end, and (c) getting faked out because one of my SGIs
offered to "manage" the session, but wouldn't.

It's now booting, finding and loading its software, showing the xdmcp
selector, letting me log in to the Sun, and getting its CDE desktop from the

One of my SGIs also offers to manage the session, and will let me log in,
but I don't actually get a 4Dwm session from it.  Not a big deal, although I
prefer 4Dwm to either olwm or dtwm (CDE).

Now that I'm in an X-term frame of mind, I guess I ought to get the big NCD
88k running, eh?


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