[rescue] oops, deleted the posting, HP X terminal

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Sun Mar 21 00:21:29 CST 2004

Sorry, I deleted the posting an figured that someone would have answered,
but they did not.

After it boots, it will look for two things:

1. An IP address. You need to have a bootp or for later units a DHCP
   server to assign the IP address. Very old sun machines needed an
   rarp (reverse ARP) server too.

1a. Some X terminals download their operating system from a tftp server. 

2. A system willing to manage the X windows on the display. This can be
   hard coded in the bootp/dhcp parameters, or broadcast (look at

Don't use a redhat system for your X display manager if you want KDE. 
It will work, but KDE was not set up to run on a remote display and a 
real console at the same time. SUSE did fine with both. 

N.B. Old suns, such as the SLC/ELC used a real soup of acronyms. 
In order to netboot, they required RARP,BOOTP,TFTP and NFS servers.

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