[rescue] need some software

r.stricklin bear at typewritten.org
Sun Mar 21 01:30:16 CST 2004

howdy y'all

I need:

	* A copy of disk 5 of LucasArts Classic Adventures. Mine seems to have 
	* the R/390 LIC for AIX, so I can at long last install my copy of 
OS/390 on this goofy thing. Sridhar? Are you still out there?
	* SunLink FDDI/DX 2.0 software for SunOS 4. This is for the VME FDDI 

This stuff's got to be out there, somewhere.

If Steve Gibson gets back to me about why SpinRite 5 hangs on my 5170 
AT, I might be able to recover the LIC and special version of CMS for 
AT/370 in case there's somebody on either list who needs it. 
Unfortunately I don't have the AT/370 card to go with it, and it seems 
unlikely I'll get one anytime soon.


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