[rescue] HP 700/rx monitor

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Sat Mar 20 19:17:30 CST 2004

>>Ah, Shel, you da MAN. there are indeed monitor choices in the setup
>>menu, I never even thought to look before. There are two columns of
>>monitor types (all HP, pre-defined) in the setup section under --
>>surprise, surprise -- monitor.
>>Eight of the 14 are SOG; it tells specs at the bottom when you choose
>>one. Three are composite sync. (That's what I'd choose it I wanted to
>>use a Sun monitor, correct?) Three are followed by some form of VGA. Two
>>of those three are un-selectable; it beeps when I try to choose it.
>>There is, however, ONE remaining choice, HP D1195A (SVGA) which claims
>>to be 1024x768 60Hz color 105dpi Digital Sync.
>>The only part of that I do not understand right off is Digital Sync. Is
>>my off-the-shelf PeeCee monitor Digital Sync?
> Beats me.
> IIRC, I just chose the worst-looking one (lowest res, slowest), and it
> worked with the old NEC monitor.  I probably tried the next-worst, too, but
> it was 3 years ago, and I don't really remember.
> I don't remember it rejecting any choices, either ....
> After you get the monitor set up, the real fun begins: getting it to boot.
I've has *that* fun already! I think it was easier for me since I had 
set up an install server for HP-UX 10.20. I think some of the server 
setup was similar. So, it boots, and I can change hosts pretty easily. I 
have had it connecting to a couple of HP boxes, a Linx box and a couple 
of Suns. It's a really convenient way to get graphics on a headless box.

What I really wonder now is how I get the original settings back if I 
find this one doesn't work. Ah, well. Time to be brave... Here goes.

Hey, it works! WooHoo! Thank you Shel!


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