[rescue] HP 700/rx monitor (was: SGI monitor info)

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Sat Mar 20 11:53:57 CST 2004

Steve Sandau says ...

> Might be the right time to ask this one: I've been hunting around for a
> way (an adapter?) that I can use a regular VGA monitor on my HP 700/RX
> Xterm. It has a VGA connector (HD15 or whatever) but is set up for a SOG
> monitor. (I put the nice big A4033A monitor from it on the Indigo2.)
> I'd like to set it up with a small (15/17") VGA monitor, but it appears
> I need some circuitry to make that work. Others claim that modern
> monitors support SOG. If so, my spares are too old or too cheap...

I use an old, cheap SVGA monitor on my 700/rx, or did when I was actually
using it.

Keep in mind that therer are several different models that HP badged
"700/rx".  I have two, one is in deep storage, and different from the C3225B
that I've been using.

On the C3225B, however, setting the monitor type is in the setup menu.
IIRC, it's shift-F9 or something to get to that setup stuff, and you can
change it there.  By default, the thing wants a monitor with specs only my
big DEC monitors would match, but, by hooking one of those up and tweaking
the settings, I was able to change it to something my old NEC would handle.

I'm sorry I can't remember the exact key combos, but, if you have to do it
blind, I'll dig mine out, boot it up, and walk you through the required


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