[rescue] SGI monitor info

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Sat Mar 20 08:11:00 CST 2004

>>but I don't have the 13w3 cable.
>>I DO have two Sun monitors and Sun 13w3 cables to go with them.
> My Sun 13W3 cables have a 1:1 pinout and work with SGIs. At least my Sun
> / Sony 20E20 works well on my Octane.
>>I've done some Googling and can't find a straight answer
>>either way as to whether I can use my Sun 13w3 cables
>>(and maybe even monitors) with the Indy's video output.
>>Some posts say it will Just Work and others mention breaking
>>off pins.
> Breaking pins may be needed on 13W3 - BNC cables, depending on the
> actual cable.
>>Has anyone had luck with SGI 13w3 to VGA cables or adapters?
> Well. Usually I build this adapters myself...

Might be the right time to ask this one: I've been hunting around for a 
way (an adapter?) that I can use a regular VGA monitor on my HP 700/RX 
Xterm. It has a VGA connector (HD15 or whatever) but is set up for a SOG 
monitor. (I put the nice big A4033A monitor from it on the Indigo2.)

I'd like to set it up with a small (15/17") VGA monitor, but it appears 
I need some circuitry to make that work. Others claim that modern 
monitors support SOG. If so, my spares are too old or too cheap...

Any suggestions?


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