[rescue] Re: Help IDing Old Drive

James james at jdfogg.com
Fri Mar 19 22:11:29 CST 2004

> On Mar 19, 2004, at 10:42 PM, James wrote:
> >> And, if they want to decomm them, send them my way.  There's way too
> >> many classic things in Florida and California, and not enough in
> >> Indiana. : )
> >
> > There's plenty in Indiana, it's just that they are still in use ;-)
> >
> > Many parts of the country refuse to throw away machines that still
> > satisfactorily fill a function.
>    WHAT A CONCEPT!!!       [head explodes]
>        -Dave

I happen to personally know a Prime that is happily churning away in
Mechanicsburg, PA. It's a company that repairs car radios for Ford and GM
(warrantee and repair work). It runs their accounting/payroll software and
tracks repair tickets and inventory. Companies outside the Metro areas often
stick to what works, especially since many of these companies can't afford
to keep reinvesting in data systems. I'm talking about very pragmatic people
who ask the simple questions like "what does this thing do different?" The
answer is usually "it lines your vendor's pockets with cash". The PC
revolution got bogged down in skepticism in cow country.

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