[rescue] New subscriber...

James james at jdfogg.com
Fri Mar 19 21:50:44 CST 2004

> You have any use (or anyone else, for that matter) for an sbus fddi card?
> I'm guessing, but I think it's a 605-1494, but that's just a guess from
> some antiquated purchase order records.  The part number breaks out to
> "FDDI/S SAS 3.0 fiber, hw/sw assembly."

I don't, but there are people here who will break their arm reaching for it
(hello Dave M. :-)

> <PetPeeve>  How freaking hard would it be to put a frimpin' IDENTIFIABLE
> PART NUMBER on these condemned things?!?!?!?!
> Those little bar-code stickers with part numbers encoded on them
> just don't
> cut it in heavy traffic, or after lots of dust and heat.  They
> peel off and
> are lost all too soon.  </PetPeeve>

Most of us ID boards visually and then check the p/n to be sure.

> Anybody need one?  I need another CPU for this sparcstation 20, and RAM.
> Will trade only, no cash (excepting postage, which ought to be
> pretty cheap).

Got any PlayStation2 games/controllers/network adapters/linux kits ? Since I
recently recieved a PS2 in a trade I've been enjoying it and need food for
it. My only other desire is a wireless pcmcia card supported by both Linux
and XP.

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