[rescue] IRIX: SpaceMouse, SpaceBall, Tablet & Co.

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Fri Mar 19 16:34:28 CST 2004

On Fri, Mar 19, 2004 at 05:24:29PM +0100, Jochen Kunz wrote:
> > Yes, the calcomps are much cheaper, but considering the cost of used
> > 4x5 Wacoms, and 6x8 wacoms, I wouldn't want to bother trying to figure
> > out how in the world to make the calcomp work.  Maybe it is easier
> > than I suspect though.
> I'll se what I can get cheap, preferably a Wacom due to your advice.
> Calcomps schould work as well as Wacom, at least input(7) says this. The
> installation procedure is the same for Calcomp and Wacom. The only
> difference is that there are some extra goodies available for Wacoms.

Well, if you decide to try a calcomp, I'm very interested in your
results.  Small wacoms are cheap, but large serial wacoms tend not to be
so cheap, where as large calcomps seem to be pretty cheap.

Myself, I have a pare of 4x5 wacoms.  But, they are both in storage
since I moved.  Even though they are pretty small, I still don't really
have desk space for them.
> > OK.  I'm interested in hearing if you have Iris Explorer anyway.
> To be honest: I don't know what Iris Explorer is.
> [diging through IRIX CDs]
> [Uuups. Adobe Illustrator 3.0?]
> I have a Iris Explorer CD dated from 1991. This may be a bit old.
> Maybe I can use this on the Indigo with IRIX 4.0.5...

Iris Explorer is a data visualization program.  It's still a current
product, but no longer one bundled with Irix in anyway.  Apparently it
allows tree based data processing to turn data into 2D or 3D graphics,
then it allows freeform exploration of that data set.  I've never used
it, and it is really just a guess as to whether or not it would support
a space ball.


That may be usefull to you.  I suspect they are using a newer version
than you have though.

An Indigo with Irix 4.0.5 would be very cool.  I need to wrangle up an
Indigo first though, I guess.

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