[rescue] RESCUE: misc DEC stuff, some questions

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Fri Mar 19 16:06:51 CST 2004

>The DEClaser has 47K pages logged, but prints beautifully.  However, the
>printout fades a bit on the right margin.  Is this just a toner cartdige
>that needs to be replaced, or the fuser?  The manual is little help in

OK, it's either of these, and the easy way to find out which is to take the
toner cart out, shake it side to side really well for a few seconds, and
then reinstall it.  print a test page, and see if (even for a part of the
page) the print changes.  If it changes at all, even if it goes back to the
same old smudged mess, it's the toner cartridge.  If it doesn't affect it
at all, the fuser wire is dirty.  Try looking at the fuse section and see
if there is a chunk of glommed-on gook (highly technical term for melted
plastic toner junk), likely on the same side of the fuser as the bad type.
If so, gently chip it off there, or replace the fuser wire.  (I can dig
about, most likely not until Monday though, for more info about servicing
the fuser, if you'd like.)

wes will

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