[rescue] Part Numbers (was: New subscriber...)

David L Kindred (Dave) d.kindred at telesciences.com
Fri Mar 19 14:28:55 CST 2004

>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Gallaway <rescue at port11.net> writes:

    Thomas> I really would appreciate google inside a dumpster but I
    Thomas> would not know how to start an proposal to the trash
    Thomas> company.

You know, web and Internet enabling dumpsters would be far more useful
than coffee pots or vending machines.  Must be somebody up at MIT
looking to keep busy.  You'd want things to work both ways, i.e. to see
and search through the dumpster over the 'net, and to be able to search
the 'net while in the dumpster.

David L. Kindred
Unix Systems & Network Administrator
Telesciences, Inc.

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