[rescue] Part Numbers (was: New subscriber...)

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Fri Mar 19 12:35:15 CST 2004

Wes Will asks ...
> <PetPeeve>  How freaking hard would it be to put a frimpin' IDENTIFIABLE
> PART NUMBER on these condemned things?!?!?!?!
> Those little bar-code stickers with part numbers encoded on them
> just don't cut it in heavy traffic, or after lots of dust and heat.
> They peel off and are lost all too soon.
> </PetPeeve>

Yeah, but that would take all the sport out of it!

Seriously, assuming that the manufacturers know what they are manufacturing,
how hard would it be to silkscreen a _description_ on the thing, while they
are doing the part number?

"501-1234 FDDI Mode Z transceiver for SBUS"

I'm holding in my hands a commodity ISA-bus serial-parallel card, from about
1988.  It has not only the part number, manufacturer's name, and a
description on it, but, on the back, a complete table of all the jumper
settings.  If the Taiwanese can do it for $15 generic PC parts with
razor-thin profit margins, you'd think Sun could do it for $500 network
cards and $2,000 processors.


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