[rescue] Suggestions for vendor of external 5" FireWire case

Kurt Huhn kurt at k-huhn.com
Fri Mar 19 11:17:10 CST 2004

On Mar 19, 2004, at 11:48 AM, William Enestvedt wrote:

> Kurt Huhn wrote:
>> My 900Mhz G3 ibook is slow at converting, but it does
>> eventually do it.
>    With what software?

I use mostly Quicktime Pro for converting between different formats.  
Toast also - which includes it's own MPEG-2 convertor.

>> If you convert seperately from encoding, the process will be a lot
>> more stable.
>    Seems like common sense -- which is why I'm glad you mentioned it.
> :7)

YEah, the iBook has a problem where it gets too hot and crashes with 
the MLSOD.  Seperating the jobs out helps it.  Pointing a fan at it 
helps more.  These days I use the G5 (same software) for all the video 
stuff - no problems cooling that beast.  WOOOOSH!

I'll bet your iMac won't have any cooling issues.  The iBook is at the 
upper end of practical heat output in such a small chassis.

Kurt Huhn
kurt at k-huhn.com

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