[rescue] Suggestions for vendor of external 5" FireWire case

Joshua Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Fri Mar 19 10:31:49 CST 2004

On Fri, Mar 19, 2004 at 11:20:58AM -0500, William Enestvedt wrote:
>    Well, I defer to your greater experience/knowledge. I only know that
> Apple's iDVD fails to install on a G3-equipped Apple -- but then, they
> have pretty high standards for us to live up to. :7)

I didn't realize that iDVD wouldn't work on that machine.  Bummer.

Is that for any G3 apple, or just iMacs that it won't work on?  I
thought they had been shipping G3 notebooks with DVD burners...

>    What software could I use to ready some movies & pictures under OS X
> for burning to a DVD (and then burn it)?

Well, if iDVD won't work, things will be much harder.  I doubt you want
to spend the money on DVD Studio Pro (reportedly, it has looser

If iDVD won't work, you will probably have to fall back to port of linux
programs.  There is dvdrecord for the actual burning.  Transcode and
other utilities for making the vob files. There is a program called
dvdauthor, which I think is just a front end to the other tools.  I
believe everything you need should be in fink.  I would expect that
anything you need that isn't in fink would be an easy port (with the
exception of dvdrecord, but I believe that is in the cdrecord package in

I don't know what the state of menu creation is.  It's probably
possible, but probably a real PIA to do.

Of course, I just realized I was assuming you were talking about OS X.
If not, everything I've said pretty much goes out the window and I can
offer no help other than look for a third party package.

Yes, the transcoding/compression/conversion step will likely be rather
slow on your machine.  But, I'd be shocked if you machine couldn't keep
up with burning the final ISO to a DVD drive.

Others should certainly correct any mistakes I've made, as I haven't
actually used these tools on Mac OS X.  I just know they are available

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