[rescue] seaking of SGI's - IP25 woes

Francois Dion fdion at atriumwindows.com
Fri Mar 19 09:07:32 CST 2004

Wow, 10 ton in a 300 sqft space. Hopefully you'll have enough feed and 
return Wear earplugs! May I ask what kind of research you are involved 
in to need 240 athlon processors?


Shawn Wallbridge wrote:

> Actually we can regularly hit 30-35C in the summer. We have two big 
> air conditioners, but we added a lot of machines over the winter, so 
> they will not be adequate this summer. We are adding a big 10ton AC 
> unit on the roof.
> shawn
>> Saith Shawn Wallbridge ...
>>> We have a room that has 120 Dual Athlon PC's and 10 file servers. It's
>>> about 300sqft, in the winter we have 3  big air mover fans in the
>>> window and it barely keeps the room cool. I am in Winnipeg, one
>>> Province over from Saskatoon.

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