[rescue] Disk Arrays in tampa florida..at the right price

Paul Paul at techcenter3000.com
Fri Mar 19 02:23:05 CST 2004

Ran across this, seem to remember someone or other is in florida......

<quoth the original poster>

I still have several of these arrays (free) if anyone want some.

We are moving locations and need to clean out some hardware in our
warehouse. We have about 40 of these A3312A rack-mount " High
Availability Jamaica arrays taking up space and we really don't want to
trash them. If anyone wants any, we are giving them away, I only ask
that you pay for
shipping out of Tampa (33762). They are good storage arrays that work in
MPE/iX, HP-UX, & Windows/NT environment, we have the racking hardware
and both fans and power supplies are included. They take either FWD or
SE drives and the capacity is 8 low profile drives. If your interested
in getting one of these arrays or if you want some additional
of the A3312A sent to you, feel free to contact me.

Cypress Technology Inc
Re-Sellers of HP hardware
Jesse at cypress-tech.com

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