[rescue] Suggestions for vendor of external 5" FireWire case

Nadine Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Thu Mar 18 16:23:12 CST 2004

William Enestvedt wrote:

> I know that some people have favorite vendors here, so can anyone
> recommend a reuptable (and preferrably non-EBay) source for an external
> FireWire case to hold a Pioneer 104 DVD burner for use with my OS X
> iMac?
>    I've saved a bunch of older posts on vendor "feedback" (i.e., rants),
> so this isn't astroturfing or pre-Google laziness. I'm aware that
> there's plenty of web sites out there selling such cases; I just want
> some personal experience. :7)
>    Thanks in advance.

I have an ADS 5" HD case that has worked well for me (purchased
from Fry's in CA).  I also had a 3.5" portable case from Other
World Computing (<http://www.macsales.com/>).

I like OWC's stuff, and they have good customer service.

If you anticipate hanging onto the drive case for a while, you
should spend the extra bucks and make sure you get FW800 or
whatever they are calling the second gen FW.  The badge on the
case is less important than the bridge on the inside.  Oxford
911 bridges are the older FW400; Oxford 922 are the FW800.  OWC
clearly indicates which bridge is used for each of it's case
kits, which many vendors do not do.


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