[rescue] Re: CMN A011 (Onyx Workstation)

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Thu Mar 18 15:36:07 CST 2004

At 03:47 PM 3/18/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>"Welcome to my nightmare" 
>What's SIUC?

"Stupid Idiot Univer..." errr..."Southern Illinois University at Carbondale."

Boondock U., down in the southern tip-end of Illinois.  No, nowhere near
Chicago/Daleyville.  We don't even consider the Chicago Imperium to be in
the same state.  It's quiet, rural, backward, but it's also cheap to live,
and any day of the year I can walk out the back door and take a deep breath
without worrying what the smog or ozone count is doing to the lining of my

We have about 20,000 students on campus, another 10,000 staff and faculty,
give or take, and currently only 4 full-time staff left in my help desk
call center.  I'm the entire tier-three tech support for the whole
shootin'-match.  I have a couple of student workers about 20 hours a week,
two other full-time techs, a supervisor, and a management weasel (who is
the source of the understaffing problem).  I haven't had a real vacation
from this place more than a long weekend in almost ten years now.

The first two weeks of the fall semester are an utter disaster - a ghastly
thing from Cisco called "RezNet" cobbled onto that security hell-hole known
as "Winblows 200 Server" running a Radius database application.  It would
drive me crazy if I wasn't already such a loon.

I may be crazy, but I don't have to stay this way.  I should be finishing a
Master's in Info Security this summer, and moving out of here, after about
ten years on the tech support firing line.  I'm switching tracks, with any
luck, and going over to the dark side - Academia.  Jez' call me "Perfessor
Wes" (I hope).  Can you say, "Double the pittance, same benefits, and
summers off?"  Sure, I knew you could.

> --
> Wes Will
> Help Desk, SIUC
> Welcome to my nightmare.

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