[rescue] seaking of SGI's - IP25 woes

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Thu Mar 18 14:05:58 CST 2004

Geoff Koehler writes ...

> Speaking of SGI challenge's, I have a problem with my XL that Im
> wondering if anyone has seen before.  After about half and hour
> from being powered on, one of the CPU's dies.  I've taken out the
> board and looked at it, but it doesnt "look" any different.  The
> heatsink on the CPU in question does not seem loose or unseated.
> It stikes me as a heat-related failure, but Ive moved it to a
> different slot and it doesnt make any difference.  After a few
> hours having the thing turned off, it comes back, only to fail
> again half and hour later.  Any ideas?

I expect it's heat-related, too.

Does an XL have a button-driven LCD display panel like an L does?  Does it
say inything interesting about the failure, or about the system events?

Is the thing generally running hot?  Commanding "/usr/etc/sysctlrd -p" will
tell you some things about heat in the machine.

Anything in the logs?


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