HP 715, Nextstep, & CD-ROM drives.(Was [rescue] HP 715 ROMS?)

William Barnett-Lewis wlewis at mailbag.com
Thu Mar 18 13:29:47 CST 2004

Just in case anyone is following my foibles and to get the info in a 
google accessible location...

Sheesh. I was googling to find more about the ROM Checksum error I had 
mentioned. Nada. But I did find a message about how 10.20 wouldn't load 
on a 715 that had a 4x HP drive. Seems HP said the ROM only understands 
2x drives. *HUH?* I say. Well, I had recently gotten my hands on a $1 
external AppleCD 300. That was a 2x drive that, according to the SunCD 
FAQ understands 512 blocks.

So I pull it from the Apple enclosure and pop it into the HP. boot 
scsi.2 <return>. Up pops the Nextstep installer...

At the moment I'm getting a SCSI: request timeout error so I still am 
going to need to wave a dead chicken over this beast to try and sort out 
it's SCSI black magic, but at least now I know that the 2x drive is a 
requirement for the 715 to boot from CD-ROM.

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