[rescue] Re: CMN A011 (Onyx Workstation)

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Thu Mar 18 12:11:02 CST 2004


It ought to have either an IP21 or an IP19 (or a pair of them) and up to 2
Gigs of RAM on the motherboard, an expansion bus, and either RE2, Extreme
or (mumble mumble I forget) one other type.

$250 is cheap ($300, with handling fee) plus shipping if you're not too far
away.  This sucker is heavy...lessee..the eBay list says it's over a
hundred kilos (240 pounds), so freight is going to be at least $150 on top
of that.

What you get cost about a hundred thousand bucks new, and if it still works
would be a butt-whuppin' graphics station still yet.  RISC chipset, so your
OS choices are limited....

Wes Will
Help Desk, SIUC
Welcome to my nightmare.

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