[rescue] HP 9000 core IO board question

Björn Ramqvist v53278 at g.haggve.se
Wed Mar 17 01:28:06 CST 2004

Francois Dion wrote:

>> And, while at it, K580 is big bollocks. How's it configured?
> Anyway, back to the K580, it has 4 gig of ram, 6 cpus, 8200s @ 240MHz 
> (the max speed and number of cpus), expansion i/o with dual 100mbit, 
> scsi (tape) and two fiber channel cards to a 2405, just added gigabit 
> 1000sx on core i/o opt slot, and then scsi diff on each hp-pb to a 
> storage enclosure (and a scsi SE and MUX filling the last two slots on 
> the hp-pbs).

NICE piece of machinery, apart from the whole HockeyP-UX O/S thing.

I'm going to release three K-class from their duties this summer, but 
"only" K460s and one K260. They have a mix of CPUs and memory, but in 
general they have four CPUs (the K260 has three), and around 1GB of mem 
in each. I'm going to pop 2GB into one of'em and keep it, while the 
other two is going to be rescued by a computer club.


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