[rescue] DLT tape drives and librarys

Paul Hortiatis ph009j at mail.rochester.edu
Mon Mar 15 11:17:00 CST 2004

> Anyway, I would try removing the drive from the chassis and
> make sure it works
> standalone, perhaps connected to an internal SCSI bus.  Once

Drive works fine by it's self.

> you verify that
> the drive talks to the bus and can do some simple
> reads/writes, I would
> upgrade the firmware and put it back in the library and do some more
> troubleshooting.

I'm trying to upgrade the firmware, the drive is a Compaq DLT4000 drive
model number TH5AA-HJ and it is rejecting the firmware i got from Quantum's
site. I'm not sure if it is because the drive needs Compaq Firmware, which
it looks like it might be the case from Googling around a little bit, or for
some reason The tape keeps getting written with hardware compression on. i
have gone through all the steps needed to make the firmware tape and
disabled compression each time, but it seems it detects the tape with
compression every time it reloads it. Does any one know if i actualy need
Compaq firmware for this drive or not? and if so any leads on where i could
find an image?

> Where did you get the unit from?  Any idea if _this_ drive
> was working in
> _this_ unit?  I wonder if the previous owner sold it because
> they put a
> "standalone only" drive in it and couldnt' get it to work...
> -E.

I have a feeling the origonal tape drive was either replaced, the dlt4000
drive is not an upgrade for the library, or was used to put in another
library they sold and then just stuck this drive in this one, and relised it
didn't work.


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