[rescue] Data General DG/UX box

Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Mon Mar 15 11:16:07 CST 2004

I got more details on it. It is an DG Aviion 4300. Has a 1gb harddisk. 
Powers up and boots into
"Trusted DG/UX". It has 80mb of ram and no video option installed. I do 
not have an root pass
or an user account on the machine so I am now looking for options. I 
think linux "should" be able
to mount an Sys V partition.

Too bad the machine has been gutted for the skins. It seems like the 
concept of coolig is pretty
neat. It has a bunch of fans on the bottom blowing air up.

-- Thomas

William Barnett-Lewis wrote:

> DG/UX is a very plain and straight forward Sys V R4.0 port. Very easy 
> to deal with if you have any Sys V experience. The connector is 
> probably monochrome video - does the machine still say which model of 
> Aviion it is? If it's a 500, it could be a fairly fun multiprocessor 
> capable graphics workstation.
> Enjoy, I always liked working with DG Aviions. They were solid, 
> reliable, and faster than the clock would indicate. They still can be 
> a good work group server - I ran an Ingres 6.4 installation for over 
> 10 years on one serving up to 20 users at a time. Only down times were 
> due to a disk wearing out and a lightning strike that got to it 
> through a improperly grounded wiring job done about 6 months before. 
> Took out the parallel port so we simply put the laserjet on ethernet 
> and carried on.
> William

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