[rescue] DLT tape drives and librarys

Paul Hortiatis ph009j at mail.rochester.edu
Sun Mar 14 17:49:05 CST 2004

I recently got a Compaq dlt tape library (TL881 MiniLibrary) that isn't
detecting the DLT drive in it. I googled around and found a few manuals for
it, from Compaq and the few other companies that have badged them, it looks
like overland origonaly made it. I have checked all the cabling inside the
library and every thing apears to be ok. the drive in the library is marked
as a standalown only drive, I'm assuming that may be the problem, i think
the origonal drive was switched out.  Does any one know what the real
diffrences are between a loader only drive and the standalown only drives?
For some reason i seem to rember that the loader only drives do not have the
handel to remove the tape, though the handel does not get in the way of the
robotics in the library. I have not been able to find any info about the
diffrence. The other problem could also be drive firmware, which would
posably be more dificult to solve. Does any one have any other insight into
things to try?


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