[rescue] Data General DG/UX box

rescue rescue at port11.net
Sat Mar 13 17:51:27 CST 2004

Hi everybody

Right now on the back seat of my car I have a old motorola based Data 
General machine.
I am assuming it is running DG/UX. Rescued it from a dumpster just 
earlier today.

The machine is fairly beat, busted and abused. Cut wires and missing 
skins. But the core
looks like it's still okay. Also all the drives are still in there.

I guess I will power it up tomorrow after patching all the cut fan/power 

Anybody have any experience in DG/UX? It has a RS232, AUI and a VG and 
connector. I am guessing I should get some readout from the serial 
console. Now the VG
port I am either guessing it is Thinnet or VideoGraphics? does that make 


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