[rescue] Is anyone running netalk on solaris 9 sparc?

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Sat Mar 13 17:39:32 CST 2004

> I'm trying to install netatalk on a solaris 9 spark (ultra5) system.
> I've gotten to the point that I need to install a kernel module.
> When I compile it with GCC, I get a 32 bit module which will not work
> on my kernel.
> Can you get GCC to produce a 64 bit module? Must I use sun's compiler?
> Is there anywhere I can get the module pre-compiled?

A couple of months ago I tried to get 64-bit Informix installed on an 
Ultra1 running a 64-bit kernel. I figured I needed a 64-bit gcc to do 
the compiling (or linking or whatever Informix needs a C compiler for). 
I could not find a 64-bit gcc, but I did find instructions on making 
one. I was not successful.

I seem to remember reading recently that a 64-bit gcc binary is 
available now, but unfortunately I don't know where. Probably worth 
trying the usual suspects: ibiblio, sunfreeware, etc. Do you already 
have a 64-bit gcc? Because I seem to remember that there were particular 
flags I had to specify in order to compile gcc into a 64-bit version. 
Maybe it is the same with other executables as well as the compiler?


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