[rescue] New subscriber...

James james at jdfogg.com
Fri Mar 12 21:44:58 CST 2004

> Now, for a quick question:  what would another CPU and more RAM do for me
> in truth on this antique box, considering what it's doing?  Is it
> worth it,
> and which would get me more actual throughput?  I'm going to add more RAM
> to this thing if I can scavenge it, for certain.  Is it worth my while to
> spend any money on the other processor, though?  (Alternately, anybody got
> a spare for a stock Sparc20?  And how much?)

The journey is the reason, the destination is but an end.

And if it is the Sparcstation 20 you are speaking of, then the CPU's known
as SM81's are your desire. I have a pair, but cash is not what I seek, I
like toys (computer or otherwise such as PS2 stuff). SMP is very nice to
have, as often one CPU will get tied up in wait cycles while another can do
something usefull. Though the Sparctstations are 32bit they are quite nice.
For real fun find an Ultra 1 or (better yet) an Ultra 2.

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