[rescue] New subscriber...

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Fri Mar 12 14:18:45 CST 2004

Just got on the list.  I've been diving archives, looking for assistance
with compatibility of old hardware (scsi drive arrays, in particular) with
newer equipment. 

I do have some experience resurrecting old Sparcstations, and we still have
loads of them at the University where I work (I'm at the campus info-tech
Helpdesk, Tier 3 support, all of it... sigh...).  The last project involved
getting an old Sparc20 back on it's feet after several years of no power.
The backup battery on the PROM was deader than an Edsel.  A few bucks for a
new blank chip, some time typing in the system ID info and MAC numbers, and
It's running Linux for Sparc, and in constant use as a basic BigBrother
network monitor.

( http://analysis.cwis.siu.edu/bb/  if you're interested in what the net
looks like here.)

Now, for a quick question:  what would another CPU and more RAM do for me
in truth on this antique box, considering what it's doing?  Is it worth it,
and which would get me more actual throughput?  I'm going to add more RAM
to this thing if I can scavenge it, for certain.  Is it worth my while to
spend any money on the other processor, though?  (Alternately, anybody got
a spare for a stock Sparc20?  And how much?)

Wes Will
Espacionaute Spiff domine!

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