[rescue] ECC RAM, "soft wear"

Nadine Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Fri Mar 12 11:31:32 CST 2004

OK, the ECC PC 100 RAM that I grabbed out
of that Xeon box won't work in the G4.  I'm
pretty sure all the x86 boxes are PC 133.

Anyone interested? 2x 256MB; "Advantage AMC
256M SDRAM RG"; number under that is

Chips on the sticks are Fuji 81F64442G-102FN.

I also have two "soft wear" items that I thought
may be of interest.

* White polo with Sun purple and black collar &
   sleeve trim; embroidered Sun logo on chest
   Size Large

* Black polo with multi-colored "StepUP" embroidered
   on chest; SGI square logo and SGI embroidered in
   white on sleeve
   Size XL (too small for husband who is ~46--it's
   tight around the tummy)

Contact me off list if interested.


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