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Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Wed Mar 10 13:17:16 CST 2004

 Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez said ...

> They usually don't allow fresh meats/vegetables into the country for
> obvious reasons (pest control and stuff like that, which makes sort of
> sense). Jamon is like Prosciutto (sp?) but 100x better, it is still raw
> meat even though it is cured pork. My theory was that it was part of the
> Italian food mafia conspiracy to not let Americans know how much better
>  Jamon is that their woosy prosciuto (just kidding). Incidentally the bad
> thing about the stuff is that it is responsible for one of my best
> friends, who is Jewish, ticket to hell.

I'll never understand our import laws; you can buy Jamon Serrano in the US
... see http://www.tienda.com/food/jamon.html...  It's probably not the
finest village artisanal stuff imaginable, but I've had their "Reserva" and
it's pretty dam' good.

Spanish food is fabulous, but you can hardly find it over here.  I suppose
we've had too few Spanish immigrants over the years.

If anyone in Seattle is looking for Spanish stuff, the Spanish Table behind
Pike Market has groceries and equipment.  For an amazing restaurant
experience, try the Harvest Vine in Madison Park.  It's perhaps more Basque
than Spanish, but at this level, who cares. Sit at the bar, tell the chef
you'd like whatever he thinks is best tonight, and take his suggestions.  If
you get the older Basque guy as a waiter, ask him what he would have
whenever he gives you a choice of things, and watch his eyes to see when he
mentions the really good stuff.  If you split 5 dishes with your date, have
proper wines with each, and finish up with the almond tart and a cafe
bon-bon, you can get out for about $100 with tip.  It is just wonderful,
possibly the best food in Seattle.


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