[rescue] withdrawn:: re: absinthe available for rescue'ers ....

sammy ominsky s at avoidant.org
Wed Mar 10 01:35:06 CST 2004

On nxu 10, 2004, at 09:14, Patrick Giagnocavo +1.717.201.3366 wrote:

> Turns out that Pere Kermann is considered pretty crappy stuff and that
> Absente doesn't actually seem to have any thujone!

It's available here in Israel, but when I do come back to the States,
my alcohol allowance will be for personal use, as I've really gotten to
like the stuff.

The two brands commonly available here are Trenet, a very pleasant (!)
tasting French beverage with a medium thujone level and 60% alcohol by
volume, and Absente Tunel from Spain, with a slightly higher thujone
content and 70% ABV. Interestingly, the Spanish one is cheaper.

Even though I can't offer to bring it back for anyone, I'll gladly
share when I get to the States.

Alternatively, I'd be happy to ship it from here if anyone wants, but I
can't guarantee it'll arrive safely. Ask Mr. Bill about his guitar.


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