[rescue] Mac diagnosis

Phil Stracchino alaric at caerllewys.net
Tue Mar 9 19:41:07 CST 2004

OK, I'm soliciting diagnostic help from those more accustomed to Macs
than I.

A month or two back we obtained a Power Mac 7600 as rescue from another
lister.  A little work got everything working and up to date, some
finagling got a temporarily-working monitor hookup for it, and chance
turned up a fortuitous Sonnet G3 card for it.

Unfortunately ....  The spot I had it sitting was never intended to be
more than a temporary spot while I set it up.  I had every intention of
moving it to the kids' computer table once I finished setting it up, but
with so many things to cope with and so much stress in my life right
now, somehow It Never Happened.

In its intended-to-be-temporary spot, the G3 wasn't on a surge
suppressor.  Sunday night, we had a thunderstorm.  Now the G3 won't

It powers on; it gets a normal-sounding boot chime; the hard drive spins
up; and that's it.  No video, no further disk activity audible.  The
monitor appears to be functional but not syncing to anything, and the
only other Mac monitor I have to connect to it doesn't seem to be
working at all, so I can't see if I'm getting a sad-mac (though the
normal-sounding chime seems to suggest otherwise).  I tried swapping the
original PPC604e/180 back into it in place of the Sonnet G3 card, with
no effect.

So:  Any speculations on what's dead?  Blown video?  Dead motherboard?
Zapped ROM?  I'm assuming either of the latter would preclude the chime.

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