[rescue] small score

Nadine Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Tue Mar 9 10:55:22 CST 2004

So, yesterday we hauled off all the old
dead stuff to the electronics scrap

We had told the neighbors about it, so we
had some stuff in the truck yesterday a.m.
that I hadn't looked at.

One apparent PC looked interesting to me,
since it had SCSI, so I yanked it out and
opened the case.  Wow, big memory, so I
took that out (512MB 168 pin), and figured
I'd yank the HD (1" Seagate, not sure of
size yet).  CDROM was an 8x SCSI Toshiba.

I thought the CPU cooler looked a little odd,
more well-made than most I've seen--not those
cheesy plastic boxes with fans that you see
on most Pentiums. But didn't think much of it
beyond that.  I surmised that it had been a
server, and got about going to the recyclers.

This morning, I am looking for the part numbers
on the RAM, and stumble over an eBay listing that
has the RAM--stating that they were tested in a
dual Xeon box with the same SuperMicro mobo model I
remember from the one in the scrap pile.  I wish
I had yanked the whole thing now, since I've never
worked on a dual proc box like that, but no great
loss--it was old enough to still have ISA ports.


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