[rescue] SGI Crimsons and Challenge L found a new home

Gerhard Lenerz mail at g-lenerz.de
Mon Mar 8 13:31:50 CST 2004

Hello Francois,

Monday, March 8, 2004, 7:25:07 PM, you wrote:

> I will need a few parts to get the Crimsons up and running. In
> particular, I need 50 pin SCSI drives. What is the largest drive I can 
> use?

  I don't know what the largest successfully used drive is, I am using
  4 GB full height 5.25" drives made by Seagate in my Crimson. Given
  that you are limited to IRIX 6.2 (or maybe 5.3) 4 GB is more than
  enough in my case. I guess at least using XFS you won't have
  problems going to even larger disks than that.

> Anybody has a few drives, I'll need 8. I know they are on ebay all
> the time, but i'd trust more somebody from the list to get some that 
> actually work. I'd love to get my hands on CDROM drives for these also, 
> but I understand that they are extremely rare.

  Using a recent CD-ROM shouldn't be a problem with either of your
  machines - Crimson or Challenge. For the Crimson it *might* be
  necessary that you are able to select the blocksize on the drive.

> Network is 10mbit w/ aui adapter. I do have the adapter, but 10mbit is 
> not the fastest, particularly to do an install from the Challenge. Were 
> there any 100mbit available for them? How about a reality engine, 
> anybody has one?

  I think *the* way to get fast network over there was FDDI.

  If I didn't misunderstand things the RE requires a different set of
  fans to go below the cardcage because it runs quite hot.

> Lastly, I need Irix 6.2. I have 6.5 but the Crimsons wont run anything 
> newer than 6.2.

  Or 5.3, if you happen to have a Crimson GTX.

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