[rescue] SGI visual workstation question

Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Fri Mar 5 11:23:23 CST 2004

Sheldon T. Hall wrote:

> So ... if one had (a) a "stock" SGI 540 and (b) a "normal" Win2K disk, 
> andapplied #b to #a in a "normal" way, one would have a Win2K system 
> that wouldrun normal WinApps in a normal way?

What I did was update to the latest firmware that I downloaded from the 
SGI site (if I did not do this, win2k
would bitch about the firmware actually). Then I booted of my Win2k SP4 
disk and installed it straight forward.
No options I had to set or nothing. Also I installed all the drivers 
from the SGI website and put in a 3rd party
firewire card and was good to go. I did not bother getting the onboard 
FW to work as it did seem a bit buggy
for something that will transfer lots of data so I just did stick with a 
FW card what cost me like $20.

-- Thomas

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