[rescue] trs-80 model 18 8" software

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Fri Mar 5 10:35:54 CST 2004

If nobody takes this stuff, let me know how much of it there is, as
I work in Cambridge.... (I life in Sharon).  I don't drive into work
though, I take public transport.... so I'd probably have to tranport
it piecemeal....

I don't have any of those systems, but if nobody claims it, depending
on qty/size (I don't have infinite storage), I'd hate to see it end up
in the trash....

I have an old Altos 886, and can't find  an OS on it... probably because
most copies ended up in the trash :-( ... so I hate to see stuff like
this tossed... as sooner or later somebody will want it.

-- Curt

On Fri, 2004-03-05 at 00:44, Bob Keyes wrote:
> I have software on 8" floppies, and manuls, for the old trs-80 model II
> and model 16. Please let me know if you want his, otherwise it's
> trash-bound next thursday. It would be great if someone were able to copy
> and distribute this for archivists' sake. Cambridge mass FOB.
> Also I know of old HP/apollo 700 stuff up for grabs at MIT if anyone is
> interested.
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