[rescue] funky AMP (Sun?) cable/box

Janet L. Campbell janet at foonly.com
Fri Mar 5 01:58:27 CST 2004

On Thu, 4 Mar 2004, Nadine Miller wrote:

> Anyway, it's labelled AMP, and on one end it has
> a narrow (~3/4") 26 pin male connector (looks
> almost like half of a HD-50 SCSI connector), on the
> other is a box with an ethernet connector requiring
> an AAUI, and a female connector just like the male
> on the other end, with a speaker symbol.
> I know I've heard of these (probably why I grabbed
> it out of $work-1's slag pile), but dunno which
> Sun it's for.

It's an AUI breakout cable for the Sparc 10/20, used for connecting a
transciever to the onboard 10mbps ethernet for thinnet, fiber, etc.  The
other connector is a passthrough for the digital CS4215 mmcodec speakerbox

Don't accidentally plug it into the parallel port.  :)


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