[rescue] funky AMP (Sun?) cable/box

Nadine Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Thu Mar 4 22:41:48 CST 2004

Dunno if anyone might be interested in this or not,
but thought I'd throw it up here since the trip to
the recycler's is not until Monday.

Anyway, it's labelled AMP, and on one end it has
a narrow (~3/4") 26 pin male connector (looks
almost like half of a HD-50 SCSI connector), on the
other is a box with an ethernet connector requiring
an AAUI, and a female connector just like the male
on the other end, with a speaker symbol.

I know I've heard of these (probably why I grabbed
it out of $work-1's slag pile), but dunno which
Sun it's for.

If anyone wants it, drop me a line--it's yours for
postage + $1.


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