[rescue] 24 bit video for Ultra 1/170 ?

Michael Decerbo mike at MIT.EDU
Wed Mar 3 17:31:44 CST 2004

Properly this is not a "rescue" question, because believe it or not I
often earn my daily bread sitting in front of an old Sun Ultra 1/170
(NOT a 170E-- prtconf shows "ledma" and "espdma") running Solaris 2.5.1.

I am tired of staring at the 8-bit video and would like to install a
24-bit card with minimal expense and fuss. For instance, upgrading to
a newer Solaris release is something I just don't have time to deal
with right now, especially since I have the kernel modules used by
cdrecord installed, "fbk" and maybe something else.  But darn it, I
can't even seem to find my old 2.5.1 install CDs.

What is my easiest and cheapest option for getting some kind of 24-bit
video? Ideally, it would be something like swapping 8-bit XL with
24-bit XL on an SGI Indy: no drivers to install, it Just Works.

I see a "501-4127" card on eBay for ten bucks; is that a good solution?
Will I need 2.5.1 install CDs from someplace?

Thanks very much! I really don't want to have to use ReflectionX on a
Windows box...


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