[rescue] 440BX motherboards

John Ruschmeyer jruschme at comcast.net
Wed Mar 3 09:31:31 CST 2004

Recently, I noticed a lot of discussion regarding motherboards based on the
Intel 440BX chipset. Well, I seem to be sitting on a large pile of them
(inherited from a dead project at work) and need to get rid of them.

They are:

	Gemlight GMB-P6BIMG
	Slot 1
	Intel 440BX chipset
	microATX form factor
	3 PCI slots
	1 shared ISA slot
	Yamaha sound
	1P/2S/2 USB
	new in box with driver CD (detected automatically by Win2K and Fedora), but
no Slot-1 retainer

The BIOS lists CPUS up to 500mhz. I've used two successfully with PIII-450
CPUS, but had odd lockups the one time I tried a /550.

Bottom line, I need to make them disappear. Anybody have a use for one or
more for say, shipping plus a token? (Motherboards only, I have no spare


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