[rescue] Tiny/cheap terminal server?

David A de Gruyl david at bhaermandegruyl.org
Wed Mar 3 06:21:41 CST 2004

* on [04-03-03 00:49] Gregory Leblanc wrote:
>Anybody know of something that would work as a single port serial 
>terminal server?  I'm living 300 miles from my stable internet 
>connection at the moment, but I'd like to have some way to manage the 
>server other than 'ssh', "just in case".  Calling friends/relatives who 
>live up there to go plug in a laptop just isn't that cool.  Thanks,

I would use a serial console server (terminal server).  I picked up a 
used microannex xl (Nortel / Xylogics) and it just works.  A similar 
product is the Xyplex maxserver.  One of the ports could be used for 
modem access, I believe.  Used systems are really fairly inexpensive.

More information on serial consoles can be found at:

An alternate would be to put a modem on the serial console directly, but 
I don't know how well this works, and it requires software.

If you are speaking of PC hardware, however, I have had very little 
success with it.  Perhaps this is because of the design which generally 
does not give you full access to the console over the serial port.


David de Gruyl <david at bhaermandegruyl.org>

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