[rescue] SS5 mobo

Nadine Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Tue Mar 2 13:45:41 CST 2004

Kevin Loch wrote:

> Nadine Miller wrote:
>> I almost forgot this one...
>> SS5 mobo, no RAM.  Assume it works, but have
> 170MHz?

Dunno.  There's no mbus-type module in the right
hand slot (viewing from the back), but I've never
worked on SS5's.  Is the CPU soldered on the mobo
on SS5's?

There is a big chip with a round heatsink on the
left hand side of the board:

F Japan
9423 Y03F

Mobo is marked on the edge:

-02 Rev.50
5012574023009 (bar code)

-03 Rev.51
5012572021604 (also bar code)

Or tell me what else to look for...


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