[rescue] forgive me father, for I have sinned

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Tue Mar 2 13:20:41 CST 2004

On Mar 2, 2004, at 10:20 AM, David L Kindred (Dave) wrote:
>>> I just bolt-cuttered the cables to, and threw in the construction
>>> dumpster, the major components of an auspex NS7000 (I think that
>>> was the model).
>     Devin> I'm going to be in the same boat soon with my Auspex NS5500.
>     Devin> I don't have any good leads on where to dispose of it,
>     Devin> either.
> Must be a trend.  We'll have an NS5000 (hand re-badged as an 
> NS7000/500)
> and an NS7000/250 available shortly ourselves.
> It's a shame too, these were damn nice boxes in their day.

   Well they (at least the 7000) is a damn nice box today as well.

>   I guess that happens when the vendor goes bankrupt.

   ...which, in turn, is what happens when a vendor who has wonderful 
hardware and great software decides to turn everything into a PC 
running NT.  It's a typical suit strategy...that gets lots of clueless 
suits to invest, then the execs get a shit-ton of money, then the 
company fails because NT can't do the job, then the execs either feign 
ignorance or are nowhere to be found.

>   Problem is, even the parts aren't that useful (especially from the 
> older system).  Who wants 1G 5.25 FULL HEIGHT drives anymore?

   So put 50GB drives in those cans.  I loaded up an NS6000 with 23GB 
drives a few years ago at SkyCache; it kicked much ass.  Or you could 
put a few 3.5" SCSI chassis on it and toss the 5.25" cans, if you're 
really that short of space in the computer room.  There really is a 
*lot* of steam left in the NS7000 design.


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