[rescue] sharing keyboard and mouse

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Mon Mar 1 17:10:28 CST 2004

> don't remember more, that mentioned a piece of software that would 
> install on multiple machines (platforms, too) and allow one mouse and 
> keyboard to be used on several machines.
> It sounded (as I recall) like it would allow me to do with *two* Ultras 
> and two monitors what I now do with *one* Ultra and two monitors: have a 
> two-screen desktop.
> Is this intelligible enough that anyone remembers this? Hope so, since I 
> can't find it in my personal archives and I can't search the online 
> archive.

I know, replying to my own post and all... but I found it and didn't 
want anyone to look too much for me.

Google didn't give it up, but the search engine on SourceForge had 
"Synergy" as the third or fourth hit on my search, and that's what I was 
looking for...


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